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Industrial Space in North Texas

If you’re looking to rent or lease industrial space–particularly in North Texas–you’re in the right place. There is much information to digest, many options from which to choose, and plenty of factors to consider. Let’s break down industrial space rental and leasing, piece by piece. About Leasing/Renting Industrial SpaceRead More

How to Find the Perfect Office Space

The way we view office space has changed dramatically since the onset of COVID-19. Whereas two years ago, the “perfect” office space might have included ample room for employee workspaces, upscale break rooms and lounge areas, and mega-sized conference rooms, today the “perfect” office space might be half theRead More

Commercial Property Management

If you are reading this blog, you likely own commercial property or you are seeking to do so.  The many responsibilities that commercial property ownership entails may be overwhelming, and that is why our team at Preston Bend Real Estate offers top-tier commercial property management services.  Let us developRead More

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