How to Find the Perfect Office Space

Office Space

The way we view office space has changed dramatically since the onset of COVID-19. Whereas two years ago, the “perfect” office space might have included ample room for employee workspaces, upscale break rooms and lounge areas, and mega-sized conference rooms, today the “perfect” office space might be half the size, with communal/shared workspaces and a focus on state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology to better connect with employees working from home.

However, office space is still important to businesses that need a physical address and a home base for their operations. So, how do you find the right office space?

What to Look for in an Office Space

Every business’s needs are different, but there are certain attributes that most businesses focus on when searching for the right space, including:

  • Location: Companies want to be close to their customers and clients. Know where your clients are located and look for office space in that area. For us, it’s the Sherman, Plano and surrounding areas in Texas. And we extend our reach to meet the needs of our clientele.
  • Practicality: Think cost over appearance. Do you need to be in a high rise? If yes, we’ve got you covered, but if not, know that you can set up a perfectly attractive office space without having to spend a fortune on furniture and amenities. Put those savings toward technology that will keep your business at the forefront of its industry for years to come.
  • Size: As we mentioned before, the pandemic forced many companies into acknowledging that they may not need everyone in the office every day. Many employees are capable of getting the job done at home, so why spend extra on more office space that you don’t use in its entirety? If you’re looking for a “flex” space to meet your needs, we can help.
  • Flexibility: This applies to lease terms as well as configuration. For younger companies that are not yet fully established, this can be important so you’re not locked into an expensive, long-term lease. Shared coworking spaces are an attractive option for many companies for this exact reason.

The Importance of Brokers

Finding residential real estate is complicated. Looking for commercial real estate like office space can make house hunting feel like child’s play. Not to mention, searching for the right space on your own can be incredibly time-consuming.

Even if you do find something perfect on your own, there’s the whole process of negotiating the lease–something even the most successful professionals may not be prepared for when it’s time to start talking numbers. And which lease is right for your business needs? There are various types of commercial leases, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. And every contract is full of jargon that many people aren’t experienced in discussing. For these reasons (and more), it’s important to have the right broker on your side as you search for the right office space.

Why Local Should Be the Focal Point

You’ve narrowed things down to a specific city or region–who do you want to work with at this point? A large corporation with no ties to the community? Or a local firm who knows the area inside and out, who has experience and expertise dealing with local businesses and real estate, and who wants the best for your business?

Located in North Texas, Preston Bend Real Estate knows the region intimately, which gives our clients access to unique insight on the area. Plus, the members of the experienced Preston Bend team have been on both the tenant and landlord sides of the table, so we know lease negotiations from every perspective.

Finding the Perfect Office Space

More than anything else, we want businesses like yours in the North Texas area to thrive–and Preston Bend is dedicated to helping you succeed. Working with us not only helps your business meet its unique real estate needs, but it also benefits the local and state economies since we’re a Texas-based business as well.

If you’re looking for Texas commercial real estate for sale or lease, Preston Bend is your go-to source. As longtime experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate sector, we look forward to providing you with expertise and superior service, whether you are buying a property, signing a lease, or seeking a property management solution. Call Preston Bend today at 972-486-9922 in Plano or 903-200-9933 in Sherman.

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